Mr Terl Bryant – True legend RIP

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Dear Members,

Those members who engage with Facebook will almost certainly already be aware, but for those who do not engage with social media, I bring some very sad news in that Mr Terl Bryant passed away on Sunday, 7 January after a tough battle against cancer.

Terl was a wireless Engineer in the RAF for 26 years. He was diagnosed with MS in 1993 and quickly found Mutual Support, turning his diagnosis into something positive by taking on the role of Mutual Support’s Pensions Volunteer and later became Deputy Chair, until 2017.

Terl assisted members with applications for War Pensions, appeals, worsening claims and claims for supplementary benefits and those he helped will know how invaluable his advice was and how passionate he was about making sure every member got what they were entitled to.  If Terl thought you had a valid case, he was like a bull terrier and would not stop until he had won! Terl had an incredibly strong sense of fairness and one of his other roles as a War Pension Advisory Committee member, meant he was able to keep up to date and campaign for all veterans, to ensure they were treated fairly. Terl gained hundreds of thousands of pounds for Mutual Support members, changing their lives immeasurably.

Terl not only volunteered for Mutual Support but was involved with Scouts, was a school governor, trustee of Brown’s hospital, a local councillor (Ward Member for Stamford St  John’s), former Mayor – the list goes on! Terl’s capacity for work and desire to help others was truly incredible and all this on just 3 hours sleep a night!  Terl was an amazing man, individual, unique – a force of nature who left an impression on all who met him. He had a tremendously positive impact on so many members of Mutual Support, I can only begin to imagine the impact he has had on those outside the Group when I remind myself how many organisations he was involved in.

The way Terl lived his life should remind us all that we are given just one short, precious  life and we should aim to leave this world, this life, having made a difference – Terl certainly did that and importantly, he did it for other people’s lives, not his own, he was selfless and that is what was unique about him.

Our thoughts go to Pauline, their daughter Amanda and her husband Paul and Terl’s grandson,

Rest in peace my friend, you made a difference in this world and we will miss you more than words can say X