The Coordinating Team and Support Volunteers of Mutual Support have an enormous amount of experience of living with MS, either as a person with MS or a family member of someone with MS.

We can’t give medical advice but our experience of living with MS, means that we are able to give you information about treatments and coping strategies that you can discuss with your doctor, MS nurse or neurologist.

MS is a condition with a huge list of symptoms for which a variety of treatments are available. Taking new drugs can be a bit daunting for some people but sharing experiences with others can help and whilst only an MS specialist can give you advice on treating your MS and prescribe drugs for you, we are sometimes able to answer questions and then point you in the right direction for expert advice.  We know what it is like to live with MS, so sometimes it just helps to talk to someone who understands – we are here to listen.

Mutual Support has a dedicated Support Team with Volunteers allocated to all serving members for as long as they remain serving and once discharged, until well settled into civilian life.  We also have a  team actively looking after newer members for 6 months after they join.  All other members can ask for help as and when they need it via the Lead Support Volunteer who you can call, e-mail or use the form below to get in touch. We also have people to help with the military’s compensation schemes (War Pension Scheme and AFCS) as well as state benefits.  You can contact the War Pension or AFCS volunteers directly for help at any time using the form below, by phone or e-mail. For the state Benefits, please go through your Support Volunteer (if you have one allocated) or the Lead Support Volunteer.


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