If you or someone you know has left the Armed Forces before the Immediate Pension (IP) point and has at least 2 years qualifying service, then a Preserved Pension will be paid at age 60. Anyone in this category is referred to as a ‘deferred member.’

There are no provisions in AFPS 75 to pay preserved pensions early except on the grounds of ill-health. A preserved pension (and index linked pension increases) may be awarded early at the discretion of the scheme administrators if you become permanently unable to undertake any full time work through ill-health. You will need to apply to the SPVA Pensions division for this and you will be asked to provide documentary evidence of your ill-health. You will also need to agree that the SPVA Pensions Division can contact your GP and or consultant.

IMPORTANT NOTE: All members diagnosed with MS many years (more than 7) after leaving the military AND with absolutely no symptoms of MS whilst still serving and thus definitely NOT eligible for a War Pension, should apply for early payment of their preserved pension. If you’re not sure you are eligible just contact SPVA Pensions Division forfurther advice.

Current regulations state the following:

Early payment of benefits: deferred members with permanent serious ill-health

A deferred member is entitled to immediate payment of a pension and lump sum (3 times pension) before reaching pension benefit age if:-

(a) in the opinion of the defence council the member has suffered a permanent breakdown in health involving incapacity for any full-time employment;

(b) the Defence Council has received evidence from a registered medical practitioner that the member is (and will continue to be) incapable of carrying out any occupation because of physical or mental impairment; and

(c) the member makes a claim for immediate early payment of the pension and lump sum under this rule to the Scheme administrator.

For the purpose of this rule:

(a) a member’s breakdown in health is ‘permanent’ if, in the opinion of the Defence Council it will continue at least until the member reaches pension benefit age; and

(b) a member’s breakdown in health involves incapacity for any full-time employment if, in the opinion of the Defence Council, as a result of the breakdown the member is, and at least until pension benefit age will be, incapable of any gainful full-time employment.

MMP106_Web_Accessible_Version_pension_scheme_explained -page 13 &14 refers

In order to claim a preserved pension you can call the Joint Personnel Administration Centre (JPAC) on 0800 085 3600, an appropriate claim form must be completed and returned to the following address:-

SPVA (G1),
Pensions Division,
MP 480,
Kentigern House,
65 Brown St,
G2 8EX



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