To enhance and improve the quality of life of all military personnel, their families and carers affected by MS, through support, information and advocacy.

To provide a safe environment for members of the military family affected by MS to be able to share their experiences and talk about the impact MS has had on their lives.

To educate and provide information to the military, the public and healthcare professionals to help support those affected by MS.

Mutual Support exists to offer support to military families affected by MS, whether they are serving, retired or dependants of members of the Armed Forces.  We have a dedicated Coordinating Team with direct experience of MS and the military.  Some have experienced the process of medical discharge, either as a serving member or as their dependant and some were diagnosed later in life.  We understand how difficult those early days can be, but we have also come out the other side with vast experience that we want to share with you to help make your journey as easy as possible.

Our Support Team can also give you information on benefits, War Pensions and the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS).  We also keep up to date with important policy in the three Services, particularly with regard to policies that might affect those with a reduced medical category.  We campaign hard at government level alongside the MS Society for the rights of those with MS and particularly for those in the military with MS.  We also never forget those who retired from the military many years ago or the carers who look after those with MS – the unsung heroes amongst us.

MS is unpredictable and people’s needs vary over time.  Our Support Team  is always at the end of the phone if you need someone to talk to.  As well as being there for you, we also work with others who have an interest in MS to ensure that services are as good as they can be.  Mutual Support works to nationally-agreed standards set by the MS Society so you can be sure of receiving a good service.