Mutual Support is the Armed Forces Multiple Sclerosis Support Group, providing help to Serving and ex-Serving members of the Armed Forces and Reserves, their dependants and carers affected by MS.

Mutual Support was formed in 1991 by three Service people with MS who realised that the specific issues they faced as Service personnel with MS were different in many ways to civilians with MS so they got together and formed a self-help group called Mutual Support.

The Group later became one of the MS Society’s National Support Groups and is able to tap into their network of support and information and works to their accredited standards. The Group is not funded by the MS Society or the Government but relies on the support of other bigger Service Charities and Benevolent Funds and the generosity of our own members and members of the public.

Mutual Support is run by a group of dedicated volunteers who all have direct experience of MS and the Armed Forces. The well-organized and experienced Support Team is able to help members with information on benefits, the military compensation schemes or general MS-related information.

The Team also has volunteers who are able to help members through the complicated process of medical discharge from the Services, something that almost all Service personnel with MS will eventually face.

Mutual Support can help guide members with claims via the War Pension scheme, Armed Forces Compensation scheme and with Attributable benefits under the various pension schemes.

There is also a regular newsletter and Support and Respite events attended by specialist nurses, neurologists and other experts.

A diagnosis of MS is hard for anyone, but it is that little bit harder for Service personnel and their families because the vast majority of Service people with MS will lose not only their good health, but also ultimately their careers and the accommodation provided for them by the MOD.

Mutual Support is here to help its members through this difficult time and help ease the sometimes difficult transition to civilian life. That support continues for the lifetime of the Member.

Mutual Support Therapist