Thanks To Mutual Support

written by Shane Goss

My name is Shane Goss and I have been in the army for just over 11 years, I am a Cpl in the Royal Engineers and I have enjoyed an action packed career with a number of operational deployments and a number of exercises in some very interesting places.

I was diagnosed with relapsing and remitting MS in Sept 2008, which for me as a very fit and active person was very hard to get my head round. When I was diagnosed I was serving in Germany and my unit posted me back to the UK to be closer to my family and to be closer to the hospital that diagnosed me. Everything was going well at my new unit until Nov 2010 when I was informed that I was being discharged under the terms of PAP 10 (which I still don’t understand) as my med grade was P7 MND.

After learning this I spoke with Terl who then put me in contact with Suzanne and then between the both of them they advised me on getting copies of all the documents that were supporting this discharge under the terms of PAP 10. After speaking to Suzanne and Terl we discovered that a few procedures had not been followed correctly; I have no idea who Suzanne spoke to after that but a few feathers had been ruffled and after a lot of hard work the army were forced to resubmit all the PAP 10 paper work regarding my discharge.

On the 27 Jul 2011 I was then told that the Director of Manning (army) had had a change of heart and that I am to be retained within the army, this employment is to be reviewed every 12 months!

I am under no doubt that this would not have been the case if it wasn’t for the help that I had from everyone involved with Mutual Support, with a very big and special thank you to Suzanne Crighton and Terl Bryant who do an amazing job. Basically, if this happens to you and you don’t want to get out just yet then don’t give in, keep fighting!

Thanks again



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