Assistance Given To Me By Mututal Support

written by Penny Tyas

I am a member of Mutual Support, and also part of the volunteer benefits team, I help members with their initial claims for Personal Independence Payment (PIP), their reviews and transition from Disability Living Allowance (DLA) to PIP.

I was diagnosed in June 2013, a matter of weeks after DLA was replaced by PIP and was, therefore, one of the first to apply. The application and the whole system was so horrendous, and I was denied twice before going to tribunal. It was a horrible time during which I went bankrupt, couldn’t pay the rent, got evicted, and had a minor relapse. Things have got much better with the PIP application, and it now makes much more sense – I have had training in this, as well as practical experience, and I know how good this benefit is for people with MS.



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