What We Do

Mutual Support exists for Serving and ex-Serving members of the Armed Forces and Reserves, their dependants and carers affected by multiple sclerosis (MS).

Mutual Support is one of the MS Society’s National Support Groups and is run by volunteers with direct experience of MS and the Armed Forces and provides services and activities based on what people affected by MS have said they want.

Our trained team can provide you with the support you need to deal with your situation.

We are at the end of the phone when you need to talk to someone.

Mutual Support also provides:

  • Regular newsletters
  • Support and respite weekends with MS specialists as guest speakers
  • Information and help with disability benefits, War Pensions and AFCS claims

A Chance to Meet Others

It sometimes helps to know you are not alone and to share experiences with others in a similar situation. Mutual Support offers the chance to meet or just talk to other people with military backgrounds who are also affected by MS.

We hold Support and Respite Weekends twice a year where our geographically-spread membership can get together in a safe and relaxed environment to share their experiences and to hear from health professionals and experts on a range of MS-related topics. Our members tell us these weekends are invaluable to them and many members come away with information that can be life changing. These weekends are also free to members of Mutual Support.

Outside these weekends we have a Members only Facebook page  where members can chat to each other, and our Support Team is always on hand to offer support whenever you need it.

I really needed to know that I wasn’t the only one going through this. Speaking to others in similar circumstances really helped…